Upskilling the RAC workforce – STC leads on Natural/Flammable Refrigerants

CNN reports that Electrotechnology workers will need the ability to work with natural refrigerants.

The federal government has set a target to reduce HFC emissions by 85 per cent by 2036.

Skill development across the Electrotechnology workforce will be needed to ensure understanding and knowledge of the associated risks with new refrigerants and to ensure adequate safety training in the operation, installation and maintenance of these updated systems.

In addition to the flammable refrigerants skills set, STC is leading with Steve Smith calling to ensure the implementation of the new Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is consistent across the entire country, assessment tools are being developed by a representative group of refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) teachers known as the RACTA (Training Alliance).

Currently, the Alliance has 67 members representing almost all of the RAC trade teachers in Australia from both public (TAFE) and private Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

RACTA is seeking support from the industry to ensure the tools meet the needs of employers.

Interested parties should contact Steve Smith at the Superior Training Centre


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