Upskilling a new generation of technicians at STC

From CNN Sandra Rossi – Jan 3

The importance of leadership is not only to identify areas of improvement but the ability to follow through and get things done.

Superior Training Centre (STC) has taken the lead in training the next generation of HVACR technicians.

STC has initiated an Australian first with the development of a national set of assessments for HVAC.

In conjunction with Steve Smith (ex-Product Manager of Refrigeration and AC TAFE NSW) and RACTA (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trainers Association), STC  has initiated and funded the project and has sought sponsorship from industry.

Setting up a national set of assessments is an Australian first for any training package and is in response to industry calling for consistency in standards for training apprentices and up-skilling tradespersons.

“We view this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Steve Smith. “It’s a chance to develop valid and reliable assessment resources centrally, with input from relevant stakeholders, and share them freely with training providers. It will also dramatically improve the cooperation of our industry, and the professionalism of our students.”

STC is also training overseas students and technicians and is the only training provider in Australia delivering 10878NAT Gap Training that provides the Minimum Australian Context Gap training to skilled migrants holding an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record).

STC is also 1 of 9 providers who can provide the 10809NAT Minimum Australian Context Gap training to skilled migrants holding an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record)

Sustainability is the future

Consideration of the environment through lower energy use and low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants should be on everyone’s minds.

STC has developed training programs in CO2, Hydrocarbons, Ammonia and Flammable refrigerants for technicians to upskill, safely handle, service and install these units.

Low GWP refrigerants are becoming the new standard in refrigeration and air condition/heating for buildings and STC is training groups of technicians for large corporate clients as well as individuals to cover the safety training and insurance requirements for any business using and installing A2/A2L, Hydrocarbons refrigerants and Ammonia.

In 2022 and onwards, Superior Training Centre is not waiting for the government or other training providers but is taking the lead in developing the future of HVACR training for Australia.

Details email or telephone  0296186809.


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