Superior Training Centre – Flammable Refrigerant Handling Training

The Superior Training Centre (STC) has announced the availability of two new courses dealing with flammable refrigerants and hydrocarbon refrigeration systems to ensure contractors comply with current safety legislation.

STC has created the learning resources and training materials for the installation course VU22583 – Handle Class A2/A2L Flammable Refrigerants (A2L = R32 & A2 = R1234yf/ze).

This is in addition to course UEENEEJ176 which provides training on how to install and commission hydrocarbon refrigeration systems, components and associated equipment.

STC quality assurance manager, Ben Peters, said contractors also need to comply with insurance obligations as projects using lower GWP refrigerants continue to increase. 

He said a few larger organisations have realised that these refrigerants could create potential problems for their business if they delay upskilling their staff.

 All students who successfully complete courses with STC obtain a Statement of Attainment.

“These courses are nationally recognized in Australia and by obtaining a Statement of Attainment technicians can apply online to the ARC Green Scheme Accreditation,” Peters said.

“Students that attain these accreditations increase their value in the workforce for themselves and their employers.

“Qualified technicians are far more valuable than those with no national training accreditation.”

Green Scheme Accreditation is provided by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). 

The ARC Green Scheme Accreditation program provides a pathway for technicians to upskill in the use of new refrigerants.

It is voluntary, and incorporates key refrigerants not covered by the ARCTick scheme specifically hydrocarbons, C02 (R744), Ammonia and HFO 1234yf.

Earlier this month the Grosvenor Engineering Group announced plans to upskill its 400 technicians in natural refrigerant technology over the next 12 months.

More than 30 technicians have already achieved accreditation in the safe handling of R32 refrigerant.

Grosvenor managing director, Nicholas Lianos, said market research found a gap in the Australian market for technicians that can safely handle, install and maintain natural refrigerant solutions.

Lianos said there is also high demand for solutions that can deliver significant energy savings.

He said the technology that can deliver on this front is natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons.

“Hydrocarbon technology offers significant benefits including reduced energy and maintenance costs; diminished carbon emissions and the solution can be delivered as a service, negating capital expenditure,” Lianos said.


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