STC Training Grosvenor Engineering Staff


HVAC&R News reports that, “the Grosvenor Engineering Group has introduced a dedicated natural refrigerant technology service for HVAC&R systems. Through the service, the company hopes to help the Australian commercial office market reduce its carbon footprint by providing a green alternative.”

The article states, that the Managing Director of Grosvenor, Nicholas Lianos, Affil.AIRAH said, “The energy savings to be derived by commercial property owners through upgrading larger HVAC systems to natural refrigerant technology is material, and strong ROI business cases can be made.”

“Presently we are working with a large shopping centre owner to upgrade a significant number of 70kW rooftop R22 package units that are at end of life. We are also working with two of Australia’s largest commercial property owners to utilise natural refrigerant technology chillers within the various office towers and other buildings that they own.”

An interesting part of the article is the commentary that, “Grosvenor employs more than 800 staff, 400 of whom are HVAC technicians. It plans to train them all in natural refrigerant technology within the next 12 months. More than 30 technicians were expected to have finished the specialist accreditation, which also includes the safe handling of R32 refrigerant, by the end of June.”

Grosvenor Director and National Engineering Manager Peter Souflias, M.AIRA, stated, “As both A2/A2L (R32) as well as hydrocarbon refrigerants are flammable, and were never taught throughout Australia in the national curriculum for refrigeration and air conditioning, licensed technicians are not aware of the hazards or requirements when using or installing systems containing A2/A2L (R32) or hydrocarbon refrigerants,”

Superior Training Centre (STC) is now providing nationally recognised courses in handling A2/A2L flammable refrigerants and hydrocarbon refrigerants to Grosvenor’s staff.

This is especially good news that a large technical services company in the HVAC&R space has embarked on a program to upskill its staff recognising the market is quickly moving towards more energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, and it doesn’t want be found short on skilled workers to help its business.

To read the article in full visit the following link:  GROSVENOR LAUNCHES NATURAL REFRIGERANT SERVICE


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