STC Nominated in Industry Awards for Training in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – ARBS

Congratulations to the staff at STC who have contributed to becoming finalists in the ARBS 2024 Outstanding Industry Education/Training Award category – STC is involved in two nominations at the peak national event for airconditioning and refrigeration:

Superior Training Centre: National RAC Assessment Project

Superior Training Centre’s National RAC Assessment Project has unified HVAC&R training across Australia with standardised assessment instruments for the UEE32220 course, saving significant development costs for TAFE colleges. This initiative has streamlined vocational education, allowing students to transfer between RTOs with ease and ensuring industry-wide consistency in training quality.

Beijer Ref Academy: CO2 Safety and Systems Training

The Beijer Ref Academy CO2 Safety, Repair, and Service Training Course, a collaborative effort by SCM REF AU and Superior Training Center, is pioneering the upskilling of HVAC&R technicians in low emissions technology. This hands-on, interactive course offers national accreditation, enhancing technicians’ licenses with the latest in CO2 technology and safety practices. With over 220 hours of training delivered to 148 technicians from diverse industry sectors, the program stands as the first of its kind, merging industry experience with accredited training. This initiative not only fills a critical skills gap as CO2 systems proliferate but also aligns with the phasedown of high global warming potential refrigerants, contributing to a more sustainable and compliant industry.

These nominations show that STC has consistently shown leadership in training in the HVAC&R industry and looks always to innovate and improve knowledge and best practice


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