STC and Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs partner for trades training promotions

STC Ben Peters Bulldogs One Community Fayssal Sari, Richard Bencic, Tony Siamas, and Robert Parsonson at Punchbowl Boys HS

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have taken a major step in assisting local students in attaining apprenticeships and traineeships, by developing a tailored program in partnership with Superior Training Centre (STC) for schools that will bridge the gap between skills and employment in South West Sydney.

In a partnership with local employers in the area, the program will create introductory programs for students, including School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. 

These programs and opportunities will provide viable pathways to employment, particularly in those areas where skilled tradespersons are in short supply. 

The program will provide a new approach in this area, with the Bulldogs, STC and local schools all working closely to understand the challenges and needs of students and parents.

Superior Training Centre Managing Director, Richard Bencic, was excited about working closely with the Bulldogs:

“We work very closely with industry and employers and can see first-hand the skills gaps and challenges businesses face trying to find skilled and qualified staff. We saw what the Bulldogs were doing in the community and believe our values and vision for the local area aligned. It made sense to partner up with the Bulldogs so we can work hand in hand to address these issues”.

Bulldogs General Manager of Community, Fayssal Sari, could also see the benefits of an aligned approach:

“We’ve listened to schools in our local area about the challenges they face providing pathways to employment for many of their students. Employment opportunities are more than just earning money, they are about participating and contributing to the broader community. When we met with STC, they listened to the challenges schools are experiencing and helped us create a strategy to upskill students and create greater employment opportunities.” 

Visit the Superior Training Centre website for more info here.


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