R32 – It is flammable and you need training – May 7 ARC Tick

R32 refrigerant is a low global warming potential (GWP) alternative to R410A commonly used in new air conditioning systems. 

Globally, small air conditioning systems are rapidly transitioning from R410A to R32. In 2019, R32 systems (small, pre-charged) made up 71 per cent of the market, an increase from 52 per cent in 2018 and up from effectively zero in 2013.

A refrigerant handling licence is required when using R32 refrigerant, and a refrigerant trading authorisation is required to acquire, possess and dispose/sell it.

R32 refrigerant, and the systems designed for it, present significant changes to the service tools, working practices, component standards and workplace safety considerations relating to install, repair, service and refrigerant recovery.

Lower flammability with a safety
classification of A2L
High operating pressure
Dangerous Goods Class 2.1 flammable gas
Only use equipment rated for use with
A2 and A2L refrigerants
Suitable trade training in flammable
refrigerants is recommended


Superior Training Centre is one of the few training organisations in Australia with nationally accredited training that is needed for technician safety and insurance purposes. Stage 1 course will include training in handling flammables including Hydrocarbons – be trained, covered, and ready for the next generation of refrigerants 

  • May 7 intake
  • Online Delivery
  • VU225583 Handle Class A2/A2L Flammable Refrigerants
  • UEENEEJ174A Apply Saftey Awareness and Legal Requirements for Hydrocarbon Refrigerants
  • $650 – enrol now to secure a place.


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