Carbon Dioxide Course

Qualification: Statement Of Attainment
Duration: 2-day course
Starting Dates: We will advise the dates for this course upon reaching minimum numbers to teach.
NOTE: Prerequisites exist to complete this short course – UEENEEJ111A and UEENEEJ113A – Those holding a ‘Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trade qualification or equivalent” meet the requirements of these units and their pre-requisite requirements.



UEENEEJ184A – Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for carbon dioxide refrigerant
This unit covers the safety and legal requirements to handle, use and store hydrocarbon refrigerants. All safety aspects are covered to Australian and International standards. Legal requirements are covered at local, State&National level.
1. Prepare to work with carbon dioxide refrigerant
2. Apply safe working practices in using carbon dioxide refrigerant
3. Follow workplace procedures for hazard identification in using carbon dioxide refrigerant

UEENEEJ185A – Repair and service carbon dioxide refrigeration systems.
This unit covers specialised procedures for servicing and repairs to achieve the effective and efficient operation of refrigeration equipment using carbon dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant excluding self contained systems. It reinforces safe working practice and encompasses applying specialised knowledge of refrigeration principles that apply to carbon dioxide, following service manuals, testing, locating and rectifying faults and defective components and completing the necessary service documentation.
1. Prepare to service and repair carbon dioxide refrigeration systems.
2. Service and repair carbon dioxide refrigeration systems.
3. Complete work and report on servicing and repairing sub – critical carbon dioxide refrigeration systems.


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