Electrifying a Suburb – Electrify2515

The world is moving fast towards a clean energy economy – and many of us have already seen the economic and environmental benefits of being a part of that transition.

This proposed pilot program would assist a whole community in North Wollongong postcode 2515. Electrify2515 proposes to make the switch; that is, generously subsidise and support participating households to go electric in six important ways (see above). The exact details of the program are still being determined, but could look something like this:

Over a two-year period, Rewiring Australia will supply a household with the electrified appliances they don’t already own and lease them an electric vehicle. This would cut the average household’s running costs by 30%, saving people thousands on their energy and fuel bills. At the end of the two years, households would get to keep the appliances and have the option to buy the EV at a discount.

Electricians and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration technicians will be the front line in the transition away from fossil fuels – join a trade with a bright future! Superior Training Centre


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