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must listen radio – Saul Griffith shows the future for Australia – jobs + clean energy

Electrify everything – a blueprint for decarbonising Australia

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By electrifying virtually everything, we can solve the climate change crisis.

Electric vehicles, electric heating, electric cooking, a decarbonised grid – all powered by renewables and batteries.

This is the future Australia should be pursuing, argues inventor and entrepreneur, Saul Griffith, in his book, ‘The Big Switch’..

Saul says the electric revolution starts in the home, will lead to far cheaper energy costs, as well as creating new jobs, and lucrative new exports.

Saul Griffith speaks with Paul Barclay.

Recorded at the National Sustainable Living Festival on February 20, 2022.


Saul Griffith – inventor; entrepreneur; engineer; author of The Big Switch.Duration: 54min 5secBroadcast: Wed 2 Mar 2022, 8:05pm


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