Electrify 2515 – Decarbonising a suburb

Dr Saul Griffith author of ‘The Big Switch’ gave a presentation to the residents of the Northern Suburbs of Wollongong postcode 2515. The community is pitching to become the first transition suburb to go all electric and prove the concept of energy transition from fossil fuels. The idea is that residents will be subsidised or be given all electrical appliances, hot water , solar panels, battery and lease an electrical vehicle. This would save an average household $3-$5000 dollars a year.

Saul and his team at Rewiring Australia have laid out a detailed blueprint which shows that switching to an electric future is not mere optimism, but is feasible and achievable now. And they’re setting out to prove it. Rewiring Australia is supporting 2515 to create and support Australia’s first electric suburb.

What does this mean for electricians and air-conditioning and refrigeration tradespeople? These trades are in the forefront of clean energy jobs and the demand for skills to transition Australia will require many more tradespeople than ever. In 2515 alone the estimate is another 150 tradespeople would be needed for the transition.  At STC we are training the next generation of electricians and air-conditioning and refrigeration experts ready to assist Australia move to a low emissions future.


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