Low GWP Refrigerants Training

Low GWP Refrigerant Training

As the HVACR industry continues to move forward and innovate, the refrigerants that were once so common placed are now being phased out. Replacing them are more energy efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerants, known as Low GWP and Moderately low refrigerants. Many of these new refrigerants are classified by ASHRAE as A2L, or slightly flammable. The industry is also seeing expanded use of some hydrocarbon (A3) refrigerants, such as propane and isobutane. Students and technicians will require additional training for the safe handling and transportation of these refrigerants.

Training Components

 VU22583 – Handle class A2/A2L Flammable Refrigerants
UEERA0007 Apply safety awareness and legal requirements for flammable refrigerants
UEERA0084 Service and repair self-contained flammable refrigerants air conditioning and refrigeration systems
UEERA0048 – Install and commission flammable refrigerant air conditioning
and refrigeration systems

Training Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply safe work practices in handling and  using low GWP refrigerant
  • Follow workplace procedures for hazard identification and risk control of low GWP refrigerant
  • Service, repair and report low GWP refrigeration systems



Certificate of completion
UEE32211 Certificate III in Air Conditioning – Refrigeration or equivalent.

  • Relevant ARCTIC license
Training Schedule and Location

Schedule and Location
3 week days
From 8 am to 4 pm
55 Stanley Rd. Ingleburn, NSW 2565

Tuition Fee

$1,650 GST inclusive. Keep in mind that this is tax deductible


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