Are you unable to find a training provider with capability to meet your staff training needs?

Is your business located in a remote area and as result you are unable to upskill staff?

There is a solution to it! 

Superior Training Centre (RTO ID 41122) works harder to get your team skills they need (T & C apply). 

And Yes, our Corporate Client Hub is available to offer solutions | skill sets to your staff training needs. To name a few: 

Flammable Refrigerants Training

Hydrocarbon Training

CO2 training (delivered in partnership with Beijer Ref Academy)

Ammonia Plant Operator Course

Gap training for overseas technicians

Tailor made corporate programmes to address the skills gap | compliance needs

We are also exhibiting at ARBS 2022 Melbourne August 16-18th & we’d love to see you!

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    Why Superior Training Centre? It's because this is where the trades live!

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