STC leadership in HVACR Education – Steve Smith

Call for a unified roll-out of new training package - A group of educators around the country are proposing a collaborative approach to implementing the new refrigeration and air conditioning training package. If successful, it would constitute a first within...

Woolworths Endorses STC Flammable Refrigerant Training

Woolworths Format and Network Development have been using Superior Training Centre (RTO ID 41122) throughout 2020 to upskill team members to provide Nationally recognised training in Flammable Refrigerants and other courses. STC’s Trainers have industry experience and...

Trades training for international students – video

It is important for international students and education agents to understand the pathways that are offered by trades training in Australia. Michal Sestak, a registered migration agent, looks at the myths and reality of how trades training can offer further career...

DELTEC Recommends STC

Deltec Group since 2005 offers a variety of electrical and mechanical services. Deltec recommends STC as a trainer that is teaming up with the industry to deliver informed training to future tradesmen.


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